How do we compare to the competition?


1)    TRANSPORTATION COMPANIES:  Their main objective is to fill up their trucks.  Once they transport your FF&E to project location, they bring in unskilled household movers to install your FF&E.      

2)     LOCAL WAREHOUSES:  Their main objective is to fill up their warehouses.  Once they receive your product, service level declines because they already have your FF&E.     

3)      GENERAL CONTRACTORS:  Their specialty is hanging drywall, flooring, painting...not handling, tracking, and installing your FF&E.  Result is damaged, misplaced product, and missed deadlines.  

4)      LOCAL INSTALL COMPANIES:  These consist of one main guy hiring local day laborers who do not specialize in hospitality.  Nor do they handle nationwide installations.      

5)      None of these competitors offer ONE SOURCE OF INFORMATION.  Each has individual liasons from separate companies resulting in a break down of communication.     


1)      Our platform is based upon the successful integration of all three components of Freight-Warehousing-Installation of FF&E.  We can handle one or all three steps based upon your project requirements.  Our sole objective is to manage all aspects of FF&E from manufacturer to final destination  and placement in order to meet your project goals.     

2)     We have one of our Project Managers who is solely dedicated to your project.  They track and manage your inventory with our proprietary software system, coordinate deliveries with installation schedules, and handle freight from the manufacturers.     

3)     We specialize specifically in the Hospitality industry. Because we are not focused in other verticals, we are experienced and trained in every aspect of tracking, managing, and installing FF&E into guestrooms and public spaces.     

4)     Our services are nationwide. We service the entire United States, including Hawaii.  We have local, experienced installation crews all over the country.  You do not have to find a local logistics company depending upon your project location.  We are a one-stop-shop for Warehousing, Installation, and Freight of FF&E in the Hospitality industry for the entire country.